Thursday, February 23, 2006

Today was one of those crazy days for me when I don't have to work and I'm home with the kids all day. Well, at least Q all day. On one hand, he is such a good boy. Just past two and a half and as sweet as can be. On the other hand, he's my arch nemisis. He insists on having his way, all of the time, and when you tell him no, he cries as loud as he can for as long as he can. The way most two year olds who are really good at being two do. Sometimes he doesn't actually cry, and this can be even more annoying because he gets right in your face and repeats "uh-huh" untill you want to gouge your ears out. He especially likes to do this when I have told him that he is not the boss and he doesn't always get his way. Today was no different really than an other day I am home with him all day. We had some errands to run, which included going to Archiver's so I could pay for my mania for this Friday night. He ran around like a child who has never ran before (probably has something to do with the fact that he's always in the stroller when we go there, and this time I didn't bother with it). I caught him just in time right before he was about to pull a roll of stickers completely off the roll. Danielle tried to rescue me by giving him a sheet of firetruck stickers out of the damage bin, which gave me about 30 seconds of peace. He then went straight for the door and activated the automatic door, at which time I gave up and ran out the door after him. We then went to Target, where he was good, but insisted on standing in the cart the whole time because I would not let him get down and walk or carry him. We got lunch and he fell asleep on the way home. While he napped, I goofed around trying to arrange the songs on my mp3 player, even though I should have tryed to put a page kit or two together for the mania tomorrow night. He slept for almost 3 hours and woke up just in time to get P from school. Today was such a nice day out that I let them play on the playground at school for a bit before heading home. Once we got home, one of the little boys from the neighborhood wanted P to play, and he's been dying to get out his new scooter he got for his birthday. This of course though made Q want to play outside and he threw a huge fit when mommy did not agree with him. He then screamed at me for the next 2 hours until T got home from work. Pretty typical day I guess. Except for the nice weather.