Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My scrapspace

This is totally embarrassing, and I prolly shouldn't be posting these, at least not with it in the state of chaos that it is in, but here is my scrapspace. The schematic is what my back wall somewhat looks like now and I'm using it cause I could not get a good pic w/out moving the dining room table. Items "e" are 2 magnetic boards I have not hung yet and "f" is a shelf, that I have yet to purchase. I do have all these cubes though and the desk. It's a tall, almost island like kitchen set I got at W-mart for cheap b-4 we got married. I've been scrapping standing up a lot lately, so I like the height. This is prolly from my days of making samples at Archive's while standing @ the cash wrap. Just seems right now, and I'm not up and down off of the bar stool every time I need a stamp or ink pad or whatever. In the 3-drawer, or "a" I have favorite alpha stamps and rubons in drawer one, large punches and circle cutter in drawer 2, and smaller punches in drawer 3. "b" & "c" are self explanatory. In "d", the 4 drawer, adhesives (yes they have their own drawer, I do have a lot), paint, and ribbon spools all have their own drawer. One is open and I change my mind all the time what to put in it. Right now, I think their might be my eyelet setter in it, but I'm not sure. "h" is also in a state of limbo. I have photos on one shelf, and a cropper hopper embellishment box on the other, but I'm not sure if they will stay that way. "i", the 2 drawer, has Quickutz and my Sidekick in one drawer, and the bottom is kinda undecided right now too. I think my least favorite is the 2 drawer and I wish I had gone w/ another 3 drawer instead. They have shallower drawers, so they just seem easier to fill w/out piling stuff on top of each other. I think I may take the extra drawer from the 2 drawer and move my chipboard there, which will free up more space in the dresser for more stamps (hehehe). I've been taking my sweet time organizing which is proving to be both a good and bad. The good is that I'm thinking through my purchases and only buying what I really need (except for that darn 2 drawer). The bad is that I keep reorganizing things I've already organized. I'm hoping posting these embarrassing photos will motivate me to get it done.
The paper cubes are full of, well paper, but they are all sorted in the Cropper Hopper vertical paper system. I do love it. I'm using a combo of the paper holder, paper pouch and the paper file. Most of it is divided by manufacturer, but some is by color family. All the cardstock is separate and I have those in the paper holders and all my Basic Grey is by line in paper files and that fills another paper holder (and then some). I do love my Basic Grey! I got this black wire shelf at Kmart a few years ago. I keep my mags and idea books (along w/ a bunch of other junk-currently) on top. In the middle are 6 archival boxes that I have labeled and store assorted things like cards, giant chipboard, photos, alterables... and a holder for my 8.5x11 cardstock. The drawers under that were white, and I sprayed them black to match everything else. It was way cheaper than buying new ones. They are kindof in a holding pattern right now and are sorta a catch all for things that need to be organized. They hopefully will serve a greater purpose someday.
What the inside of one of the archival boxes look like. I've sorted tags into some archival photo envelopes.
The black storage drawers are one of my fav. things. Those are from Office Depot and hold stamping supplies like wheels and embossing powders. I've also sorted my loose stamps by category so everything is much easier to find. Love it. The smaller black drawers (that were also white) hold items that don't get used often, but I don't' want to get rid of. I wish i had room for another one of the 6-drawer units, but the shelf is not wide enough.
The white chest of drawers was mine as a child. (yes, it's part yellow and has no drawer pulls.) I keep pages that need a home in top drawer, chipboard in next, foam stamps in next and my Stampin' Up! sets in last 2. I have 12 jars ($1.50 each at Old Time Pottery) w/ ribbon on top and a metal box that I currently have all of my acrylic stamps in.
Lastly, this was another one of those purchases that I'm not thrilled I made, but I've grown to like it anyway. Yes from the hardware dept. I put things like my mini chalk inks and flowers and metal rimmed tags in it.
Hopefully it will all be more orderly soon and I can post some neat and tidy pics. This is a sign that I've been playing more than I've been working.