Wednesday, September 26, 2007

FO - Coupling

It took me exactly 2 weeks from start to finish. Of course, I worked on nothing else except for my design team pages for FKS. I forgot to photograph the pages though, so I'll have to try to remember to do that next time I'm in there. I think they may have been the best pages I've made for the store yet.

I'm really pleased w/ how the socks turned out too. The lace pattern was easy enough to not be overwhelming - I memorized it easily, but interesting enough to keep me going. Every 4th row is a knit row, so I think that kept me going. When I felt like stopping, I made myself go till the end of a knit row. I knit the second sock w/ a looser tension than the first, but I can't really tell when I'm wearing them. The 1st is just a bit harder to get on, but looks fine once on. The lace pattern is more pronounced on the 1st cause it's being stretched more. I might go back and re-knit one of them, but I can't decide which one to redo. In the pic w/ one shoe on, the sock w/ the tighter gauge is the one w/out the shoe (my right foot in the other pic.) I love the way they look w/ my Born loafers :) I could not resist that color either. It makes me want to go apple picking or make a pie or something.

The color in the pic. on the bottom is more accurate.

Pattern - Coupling by Deb Barnhill, Knitty Summer '07 Yarn - KnitPicks Gloss in Pumpkin

Monday, September 24, 2007

Adventures in dying

One of my assignments this week for class was to research a subject that I am interested in. I had this awful color of pink yarn that needed a transformation, so I choose to research dying your own yarn. It was a dk weight merino, and while I did not pay much for it, it would be a shame to waste such lovely and soft fiber.

I'm very happy w/ the results although I don't claim to be an expert by any means. Here's a list of the websites I found most helpful. - includes instructions on using food coloring and vinegar to make your own, less toxic acid dyes. Demonstrates 3 different dying methods. I choose to use Wilton gel icing colors. - explains how to use the Louet hand dyed sock kit. Although it seems to be directions from the kit, this is the method I choose to use, I just adapted it to the food coloring and used squirt top bottles instead of syringes. - explains how to make your own self-striping yarn. A bit of math is used and a bit more prep work, but I'm sure if I ever make ssy, I'll use this method.

Some other sites worthy of mentioning are: - the basics of drink mix dying. Also has a photo of kool-aid dyed yarn w/ their corresponding drink packets so you can see what kind of colors to expect. I for one think Kool-aid is meant to be drank, but I love the lemon-lime dyed yarn looks. It reminds me of St. Patrick's day! - using solar power to heat set your yarn, very cool!

The garish pink yarn is the one in question. I think it looks worse when compared to the other 2 picted. On it's own, I almost decided I liked it. Ultimately, it reminded me too much of Dora the Explorer, so it had to go. Dyed yarn just out of the microwave. I really wanted to tear into this, but knew my patience would be rewarded. Just out of the ziplock bag and ready for a rinse and a soak in some wool wash. dyed yarn hanging out to dry away from nosey kids and dog. the color of pic on top is more accurate, pic on bottom shows off subtle variegation a bit more.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Santa Baby!

Christmas is only 14 weeks away. So here's my list Santa!

Quite possibly the perfect knitting bag/purse - the Namaste Everyday Handbag. It has all the features I've been searching for in a bag that can double as a purse. I think I'm in love. Not sure which color, I do like the rust that is pictured but then there is also the raspberry or the turquoise or the brick red. Hmmm... decisions, decisions. Knitpicks Harmony DPN set.

Anything from Bare Essentials, gift cert would be best though :)

Anything from my Amazon wish list.

See that isn't so hard. And Santa, you don't have to even leave the comfort of your computer chair.

Technologically repressed

Yes, that's what I said. That should be a Bush-ism or something! I really am feeling repressed. I'm still living without my printer/scanner. Ever since Q poured blue raspberry lemonade kool-aid in my printer, I've been repressed. I'm a technology junkie and I need a fix. I ordered a new printer from this sweet little number that prints better than lab quality photos (according to them, but the samples they sent me were fabulous!). So I get it out of the box, plug it in, start to put the ink in, and the carrier that holds the SIX ink cartridges won't move over into the correct position to open the darn thing up to put the ink in. So it is now back at Epson and I am still printerless cause the model I ordered is out of stock.

I did however figure out that it is not the usb cable that is defective, it's my camera - or at least the usb port on the camera. So I went out and got a card reader and I'm back in the photo business.

I am 3/4 of the way done w/ my first Coupling sock from Knitty's Summer 07 issue, out of the orange yarn pictured below, and I have 2 double page 12x12 spreads to complete by Tuesday this week for For Keeps Sake design team. So I really have no business playing on the computer till Wednesday, but I'm sure that won't stop me, it never has before. Then I really should work on my homework for the week too... sigh! If only I could knit and read at the same time! Then all my wildests dreams would have come true.

Here's a few pics just for fun. Every post needs a few pics ya know!

My super cute Kids!

Welcome home party for T's cousin that just got back from Iraq. This all the men in the family (-1) and they are a silly bunch... this is the best pic I got. That's my FIL in the background who appears to be dancing around like a fairy and my youngest BIL lounging.

Cousins, again -1

Yarn from my recent KnitPicks purchase - that pink is ghastly... I thought it was going to be more berry-like so I'm gonna use it to experement w/ dying. The orange is currently being worked up into socks and the russet tweed will also be socks. I hope to have a whole drawer full of hand knitted socks someday!

This is a little shopping bag I crocheted up in less than 3 hours out of Cotton Ease. It really stretches. I had everything but the kitchen sink in it testing it out.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I learned something really cool today - how to use my email to post to my blog. Maybe I'll be better about posting now. Prolly not though :) As a parent, the one thing you hate to have to do is bribe your kids to do something. You quickly realize when you become a parent though, that it really does work. It is something though that I try to make an effort not to use to often. Q has been sleeping w/ us since he was a baby. We have no issues w/ the family bed, but now that he's 4 yrs old, it's time he started using that race car bed w/ the Lightening McQueen bedding. We've been talking to him for a while about being a big boy means you don't get to sleep w/ mommy and that you get your own bed all to yourself to spread out and relax. He has not been too convinced though. He's been falling asleep in our bed for a while, and then when we go to bed, we put him in his own bed. Sometime during the night, he gets up and crawls back into bed w/ us, usually not waking either of us. Well, since Monday night he has been falling asleep and spending the whole night in his own bed. He was promised a trip to the bakery the next day (one of the boys favorite after school spots) before he went to bed. For being a big boy Tuesday night he got a Baby bottle pop... I swear I'm never buying one of those things again. We're going to Target after we pick P up from school. He really wants some AquaDots, but I don't think sleeping in your own bed for 3 days straight is AquaDot worthy. Maybe we'll do some ice cream or a fizzy bathtub ball instead. One things for sure, I have to break the cycle soon or I'll be buying him something everyday till he's 10.