Thursday, September 13, 2007


I learned something really cool today - how to use my email to post to my blog. Maybe I'll be better about posting now. Prolly not though :) As a parent, the one thing you hate to have to do is bribe your kids to do something. You quickly realize when you become a parent though, that it really does work. It is something though that I try to make an effort not to use to often. Q has been sleeping w/ us since he was a baby. We have no issues w/ the family bed, but now that he's 4 yrs old, it's time he started using that race car bed w/ the Lightening McQueen bedding. We've been talking to him for a while about being a big boy means you don't get to sleep w/ mommy and that you get your own bed all to yourself to spread out and relax. He has not been too convinced though. He's been falling asleep in our bed for a while, and then when we go to bed, we put him in his own bed. Sometime during the night, he gets up and crawls back into bed w/ us, usually not waking either of us. Well, since Monday night he has been falling asleep and spending the whole night in his own bed. He was promised a trip to the bakery the next day (one of the boys favorite after school spots) before he went to bed. For being a big boy Tuesday night he got a Baby bottle pop... I swear I'm never buying one of those things again. We're going to Target after we pick P up from school. He really wants some AquaDots, but I don't think sleeping in your own bed for 3 days straight is AquaDot worthy. Maybe we'll do some ice cream or a fizzy bathtub ball instead. One things for sure, I have to break the cycle soon or I'll be buying him something everyday till he's 10.