Monday, September 17, 2007

Technologically repressed

Yes, that's what I said. That should be a Bush-ism or something! I really am feeling repressed. I'm still living without my printer/scanner. Ever since Q poured blue raspberry lemonade kool-aid in my printer, I've been repressed. I'm a technology junkie and I need a fix. I ordered a new printer from this sweet little number that prints better than lab quality photos (according to them, but the samples they sent me were fabulous!). So I get it out of the box, plug it in, start to put the ink in, and the carrier that holds the SIX ink cartridges won't move over into the correct position to open the darn thing up to put the ink in. So it is now back at Epson and I am still printerless cause the model I ordered is out of stock.

I did however figure out that it is not the usb cable that is defective, it's my camera - or at least the usb port on the camera. So I went out and got a card reader and I'm back in the photo business.

I am 3/4 of the way done w/ my first Coupling sock from Knitty's Summer 07 issue, out of the orange yarn pictured below, and I have 2 double page 12x12 spreads to complete by Tuesday this week for For Keeps Sake design team. So I really have no business playing on the computer till Wednesday, but I'm sure that won't stop me, it never has before. Then I really should work on my homework for the week too... sigh! If only I could knit and read at the same time! Then all my wildests dreams would have come true.

Here's a few pics just for fun. Every post needs a few pics ya know!

My super cute Kids!

Welcome home party for T's cousin that just got back from Iraq. This all the men in the family (-1) and they are a silly bunch... this is the best pic I got. That's my FIL in the background who appears to be dancing around like a fairy and my youngest BIL lounging.

Cousins, again -1

Yarn from my recent KnitPicks purchase - that pink is ghastly... I thought it was going to be more berry-like so I'm gonna use it to experement w/ dying. The orange is currently being worked up into socks and the russet tweed will also be socks. I hope to have a whole drawer full of hand knitted socks someday!

This is a little shopping bag I crocheted up in less than 3 hours out of Cotton Ease. It really stretches. I had everything but the kitchen sink in it testing it out.