Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I must have had to much cold medicine....

or something cause that last post was a total downer. What the hey was wrong w/ me? I'll try to keep this more on an upnote though.

I sent off my "Look Charlie Brown, It's a Weenie" secret pal swap yesterday, and a little something for the host of the swap. She had to drop out, so one of the girls in the swap decided to organize a special RAK for her - so nice!

Anyway, here's what I sent off - I hope it's enough.

  • 1 skein Trekking XXL that I was saving for my Mad Color Weave Socks (do I see a trip to the yarn store in my future?)
  • IK Holiday Knits 2007
  • ME's Home Companion that I was finished w/ (Oct issue)
  • A few recipes
  • Lots of Candy, Including a cute little Pez skeleton head :)
  • Some glow sticks
  • Dark Chocolate
  • More Dark Chocolate
  • Assorted Teas and Cocoa's

Closeup of papercrafts that I made for her (journal w/ pens, card set w/ envies, darning needles in matchbook and a Halloween card for her)

The goodies I sent off to the host. I sent the same papercrafted items and some candy.

I can't wait to get my package from my SP. She's sent me a few messages, teasing and taunting me (hehe). Waiting is oh so hard.

I have an almost complete pair of Jaywalkers. I'm sooooo glad I'm almost done w/ them. I'm afraid I'm going to have to put them on the back burner though so I can make my bro's b-day gift. I need it done by Sunday and the crazy thing is I want to make one for him and his gf for HIS b-day. Dashing for him, Fetching for her. I made my Fetching in about 2 days, so I should be able to do this.

I'll probably be posting again today w/ pics from our campout and the punkin farm. Maybe tomorrow?

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