Saturday, October 13, 2007

Info for RAK

  • Anything merino (I love Malabrigo)
  • sock yarn, superwash is nice, but not necessary
  • anything handmade
  • 16" circs, either Addi Turbo or Knitpicks Harmony (I have sizes #3, #7, #8 & #10.5)
  • pretty stitch markers - I have sock sized ones already, would really like some #8's
  • Coffee Pods - hazelnut is my fav!
  • Chocolate is always nice, the darker the better
  • any knitting pattern you are in love w/ - also, I would like to start collecting some of
  • super cool buttons - fancy, wood, vintage, handmade, toggle - anything goes!
  • I collect H's (as in the letter)
  • a Mini Kacha-Kacha row counter
  • Back issues of Interweave Knits, Knitscene or Rebecca in English

I'm on a burnt orange kick right now. Also love pink, green, blue... pretty much any color. Not a huge fan of purple, but don't mind dark plums so much.

fragrances - (i.e. candles, lotions) I like scents that are clean or fruity. Not crazy about floral or musky scents. Vanilla and dessert scents are always good too - although they can sometimes make me want dessert, and that is not a good thing.

Since my Weenie asked, the boys are going to be Darth Vader (little guy) and a Clone trooper (big guy) for Halloween this year. I'm super excited cause they have never co-ordinated their costumes b-4 and their choices somewhat reflect their personalities. LG is a bit of a bully and BG tends to take orders pretty well.


Anonymous said...

Your weenie is having fun filling up your box! Coolness. Thank you for posting this, makes it much easier!

Anonymous said...

This is your Weenie! Question for you. Is it ok if I don't mail until the 25th? There are some things I want to put in your box, but I can't get them until the 24th. I live in the states, and will be shipping Priority, so, the latest it would get to you is the 29th.

You can leave a message here or on the board. (on the board might be faster)