Thursday, October 25, 2007

My mom, the hero

I heard a commercial the other day that had a website for mom's looking for a job w/ a flexible schedule. So, I had to check it out - to my dissapointment, it was for a fast food chain. (I'm not going to give you the website cause I really don't think it's deserving of promoting, but see my title to this entry and I think you'll get the jest of it, just leave out the punctuation.) Not that there is anything wrong w/ working at a fast food chain, but unless I really want to be the size of a blimp one day, I think it's better that I stay away.
This mom really is a hero though. Why you ask? I tolk the boys camping w/out DH! I put up the tent in the dark (forgot to take pics to prove it was really up) and froze my toush off while sleeping (I still have the cold to prove it). It was for the Trails West Council Annual Family Campout at Highland Silver Lake.
We had a great time. We got there Friday night after dinner and was only there till 12n Saturday. Our pack camped together so we had our own little fire pit and the boys roasted hot dogs Friday evening. Then Sat. they had archery (Q got a bullseye - what luck!) and fishing (P caught a fish, all by himself) and a nature walk. It was a chili weekend but oh so much fun!

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