Monday, October 08, 2007

Too Many WIPs

I finished my first Jaywalker sock Saturday night and cast on for the second Sunday. I'm about 2 inches into the pattern, and I'm just so bored w/ it right now. Considering that it was not really what I wanted to be working on, I've told myself it's ok to put it aside for now. So today, I cast on for Cookie A's BFF socks. I've been wanting to make these since March, so I thought I earned the right now. The pattern is no longer on the blog, but I've heard that it was moved to Ravelry - of which I am still waiting for my invitation to join. I seem to have either failed to print the last page or lost it, but that's ok, cause I'm doing it toe-up now. In order to keep me in check from now on, I've decided to make a list of the top 10 socks I would like to work on next. That is not to say, that I prolly WILL feel the need to expand this to the top 15 or 25 or 50 socks I want to work on, but let's start from here. They are, of course, in no particular order.

  1. Zokni Socks - these are so pretty, I'm thinking KP Gloss
  2. Cornucopia - I love the spiraling action. I might splurge and buy some of their yarn for this. I've been drooling over their website (ok, my keyboard) for at least a month now.
  3. Fred & George - I would love to do this up for my bro and his gf. I think it would be so funny for it to look like that they have on each other's socks.. hehe!
  4. Phineas - This and F&G are both Quietish patterns - she seems to love Harry Potter as much as I do and I love that. I might actually do these up in something more pricey than my normal KnitPicks favs, I love these so much. Not that there is anything wrong w/ KP though.
  5. Monkey - I'm planning on doing these in some KP's yarn that I am going to dye myself. My order should get here tomorrow so let's see how long I can hold off b4 casting these on. This is another pattern that I've been wanting to make for a while now.
  6. Mad Color Weave - I love these so much that I might have to get some bank-breaking Koigu to work these up in, or maybe Tofutsies?
  7. Elfine's Socks - This might win out for the pattern of choice for my St. Pat's socks. I will prolly do my own hand-dying for these also.
  8. Rhodie Gus Socks - I think I'll make em longer than the ones in the pic. I love the cable and lace combo - oh, and do I detect a bit of the Jaywalker pattern, just a hint maybe?
  9. Hedgerow Socks - these are so pretty, maybe the 2nd runner up for the St. Pat's socks. If Elfine's is not able to fulfill it's term, then you are the one. Either way, you will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine!
  10. Uzume - I love the airiness of the lace pattern on these. And look, they used KP's yarn, my fav! hehehe! and it's KP Gloss... same yarn I made Coupling in.... love it!
To add to my knitting woes (there's no crying in knitting though) Q is expecting a pair of sock and he wants them like yesterday which means I'll have to make P a pair too. I might cheat and do up one of the patterns I found on lion brands website w/ some wool-ease. They use #5 dpns so they should be pretty quick knits, I hope. Of course, they want them in like every color under the rainbow... these should be some pretty interesting socks! For now, Q is getting navy, red and grey stripes and P is getting grey, green and orange, I think. At least, that's what I want to make them. They are also asking for new hats...

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Anonymous said...

Hello there, my lovely Charlie Brown! This is your Weenie! I'm haunting your blog. You do not have a list up on the RAK thread, I see. So, either post a list here or put up a list there. :)

What are your favorite colors? What are your boys going to be for Halloween?