Friday, October 26, 2007

What is my world coming too?

I'm being deprived again... this time the video card (I think) has crapped out.  DH better get it fixed soon.  He's sent me on a mission to get canned air sometime today.. like that will help.  It's been acting up all summer.  I guess if he's got to get in there to replace it though, he might as well blow it out. 
I'm at the In-law's right now.  I'm supposed to be doing my last homework assignment for my windows class that's due today (final exam is due by Monday) but instead I'm cruising the web for general knitting stuff.
On the knitting front, I've done my first magic loop project.  I started the Fetching mits for my bro and didn't feel like digging out the dpns (they are a ghastly 7" long).  I'm likin' it.  Just ordered a few 32" sock size  Harmony circs from Knitpicks.  Can't wait to play w/ those!  I'm hoping they make all the holiday knitting I have planned go a little quicker.  Another bonus - no ladder to be seen on the mits!  Hooray!

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