Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pre holiday funk

Well, I was going to post some recent pages I've made for FKS and some pics of the kids, but the card reader does not seem to want to work.  I'd ask DH to look at it but that would involve speaking to him and I have no desire to do that.  I started a new sweater last night in honor of my spite for him.  It should be done by the end of the week, at least I hope.  Maybe sooner if I'm still pissed at him for the next few days. 
We were all in another car accident on Thanksgiving evening.  It happened on our way to my mother's house and yet confirms my reasoning why we should not be party hopping on holidays.  The driver of the vehicle that struck us was going about 40 and ran a stop sign.  It was wet outside - all the more reason why she should have not been going 40 and why we need to stay home.  The damage, while it is not as extensive, is in the exact same place it was when I wrecked his car last year.  Hopefully, I'll have pics of that soon too. 
We did start our Christmas shopping, although still have a lot to do.  I'm standing behind my decision that I'm primarily purchasing gift cards for everyone.  The boys and my mom are getting some knitting (mom's is a priority, the boys, not so much) and the boys will get toys.  I might get our new niece some Pedi-Peds.  The Shedir I've been working on for the past few months is going in the white elephant exchange at the in-laws since it is now the wrong color(hollyberry) to go w/ my new orange coat.  I must get some chocolate yarn soon so I can do one up for meself!
And because every post should have some pics, here are some of us at the mayor's Halloween Party.  Although, I'm sure they are probably at the top of the post instead of here where I would like them to be.  I could go and edit my post, but then I would loose my paragraph spacing that I desire... blogger annoys me like that.

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