Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm so boring!

I've known this for quite some time now though.  It is in no way a profound, life-altering revelation.  And there is so little I can do to change it really.  That's just the way I am.  Even this blog is boring.. and gosh darn it... that's ok too. 
I was reminded of just how boring I am though last night when I met up in real live with a few gals I've been chatting with on Ravelry.  There is nothing that will make me feel like more of a looser than when I hear about how much someone else has going on for them.  What do I have?  Well, what I have is pretty great actually.  I'm the leader of this great and wonderful thing.  I call it My Family. 
I remember for a time during my youth trying to conform and fit in.  I quickly realized that people who conformed and fit in where quite annoying and decided to just do my own thing.  As boring as "just being me" is though, it works and I like it. 
Enough w/ the melancholy though.  T and I are off to the Love Shack in one day.  Must pack and prepare food to take w/ us.  A trip to the supermarket is also required.  We're only going for one day, that's all that we could find available on short notice.  It's a much needed getaway, as is some time away from the boys.  I'm looking forward to the 4 hour round trip drive to get some knitting done as well as the hot tub once we arrive.  (oh, why couldn't we have a little snow this weekend!)  I'm thinking of downloading The Pogues for our listening pleasure during the drive...

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