Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 23

I'm feeling like a total slacker, I didn't post last weeks results and I'm behind on this weeks too.  Last week's weigh-in, which was on Day 15 (Dec 21st) I lost 2.2 lbs, my current weight was xxx lbs.

I've struggled this past week.  Just too much going on preparing for Christmas and with the boys (including T) being home all week, I didn't work out like I should.  I did eat like I should most of the time.  It was really hard at all the parties we went to though, which totaled 6.  I also weighed in a day late, after I had already had breakfast, so these results may or may not be accurate.  Anyway, my weight this morning was xxx lbs, for a gain of 1.6 lbs.  I will admit that I am not thrilled with that, but I'm not disappointed either.  It's actually better than I expected.  

I have been eating much better though the past few days and here is what I've noticed.  If you eat good, healthy food, you don't feel like crap.  This really shouldn't be surprising, but slightly is, since it was only a laps of a few days.  Christmas night I actually felt ill and I know it was because, even though I tried, I ate the wrong things.  I never felt like I over ate though, which is always a problem I think around the holidays.  Unfortunately the only way I could have avoided eating the wrong things would have been to bring my own food, and only eat that or just have stayed home and missed out on some well needed family time.

Hopefully tomorrow I will find the time to talk about some of the tools I have come up with to help me stay on track.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 8, week one over

I'm very happy to report that my current weight is xxx lbs. I lost
6.6 lbs this week. I will admit I was hoping for a
higher number, but I'm still happy with what I did.
I am not getting my morning workout in since I am shopping with Chris
today. I might try out the BL Boot Camp dvd I've had for at least 9
months this afternoon.
My cough is getting worse so I need to call the dr today. It kept me
up most of the night, so I'm tired but not feeling as tired as I would
have pre-diet. I've really noticed a difference in my energy level
over the past few days and I'm sleeping better at night, when the
cough isn't keeping me up. And I'm not sure if it is possible, but I
feel a little slimmer already.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 7

Almost weigh in time... I'm a little worried.  Today was a rest day so I did not work out plus we had dinner at T's mom's and I tried to be good, but when I'm not the cook it's hard to control what is going in the food. I tried to compensate by having smaller, protein packed snacks.  

My new favorite thing that I have found is the Stone Ridge tart frozen yogurt.  It tastes more like yogurt than ice cream, which is a huge plus and has the live active cultures that are in yogurt.  I bought the vanilla cause I can add whatever fruit I want to that easilest, but they also had peach, strawberry & pomegranate blueberry. I had a spoonful after returning from the grocery store tonight and it's really yummy.  Can't wait till Thursday, which is the night frozen yogurt is allotted into my dinner.  That's also fish taco night, I can't wait for fish tacos!!!

So, I said I was going to make up a list of reasons why I want to loose weight.  It really seams like I dumb thing to explain, until you actually start to think about the why.  Not everyone's why is the same either.  There are some days my why will be different.  So itt took me a little longer to come up with my list.  All the reasons are important and meaningful to me. When I'm feeling discouraged or feel like giving up, having this list to reflect on will help keep me on track and remind me that all the hard work I'm doing is worth while. So here's my list:

  • I do not recognize myself anymore
  • So my wedding ring will fit again
  • To lower my breast cancer risk
  • To be more healthy, less prone to disease (hopefully, no more pneumonia)
  • To feel attractive again
  • So I can more actively help coach Q's soccer team
  • I want to run a 5k
  • So I can run, jump and chase after (and with) the boys (and the dogs)
  • Shopping in the plus size department just sucks 
I'm starting to get the hang off the new way of eating.  It's becoming less stressful and I'm starting to sub things out.  I usually swap a whole meal idea out rather than one thing though.  I wrote up my menu for the week so that should help keep me on track of the subs I'm making.  I'm thinking I need to get a planner for when the 30-day jumpstart is over so I can continue to to write up menus for a whole week at a time.  I might get a dry erase board too and write up what I'm going to eat before going to bed each night, so there will be no guessing or improvising.  I will still use the composition book for my food journal, just to make myself accountable.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.  I have high hopes for the scale.  I'm also get to hang out with Chris tomorrow, which it has just been too long since I've seen her so it will be nice. We already have lunch planned.  We are going to Thai Kitchen and I am getting the Thai Kitchen salad, which is just about the yummiest thing ever.

I am off to bed now, but will return in the morning with my weekly weigh-in, percentages and if I don't forget the weekly photo.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 4 and a little knitting

I was hoping I'd find time to blog daily about my weightloss journey,
guess it will be every few days.

The working out everyday is exhausting. My body is sore and tired. I
feel great after my workouts but am beat by bedtime. And waking up has
been a little harder too. And today I only had time for 1/2 an hour on
the treadmill and I was dissappointed that I didn't get my usual burn,
like I had been cheated out of it.

What to eat has been all consuming. If I'm not eating, which I am 5
times a day now, I'm planning, prepping, cooking or cleaning up after
a meal. Most things recommended in the plan though have been very good
and satisfying, so all the extra effort is worth it, esp. If I see the
results I'm hoping to have.

Today in the book it discussed writting down the reasons you are doing
this. I know it seems obvious, but it's just not always that black and
white. People don't get fat because they eat too much, it's usually a
symptom of a larger problem. So in the next day or so I will be
addressing the why. Hopefully this will help keep me on track when I'm
feeling less than motivated.

It's also important to set goals. My short term goal for myself right
now is to loose 15 lbs in these 30 days. I would als like to be able
to do 15 minutes on the eliptical without dying. Right now 5 minutes
kicks me in the butt... I actually feel like I am going to pass out if
I do more than that.

Oh, and about the knitting. It's super cold in STL right now. I bought
this Malabrigo chunky a few months ago with this hat in mind. The
single digit temps finally motivated me to cast on. Got it done in a
day, working whenever I could steal a few moments. I think it might be
the best hat I've ever made for myself. It covers my ears completely
and the chunky yarn us cute. Love the color too.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Day one done!

Today went pretty well. I didn't feel like I had much free time to
myself though. After my workout I showered got dressed grabbed a snack
and went back to work for my lunch shift. Came home had lunch, made
the humus and peanutty dip recipes in the book sat and knitted for a
short while and then it was back to school to get the boys. Came home,
cleaned the kitchen and got ready for my work Christmas party.

So dinner was at the party. Fortunately it was at a local restaurant
and since everyone paid for their own meal, I was able to order
whatever I wanted. I got the salmon and subbed the potato for steamed
broccoli. I squeezed some lemon juice over the broc... Yum. It was
really good. The dinner also came with soup and a salad so I got the
tortollini soup which was the only brothy soup and on the salad I got
the house dressing, but used as little of it as possible so I still
got the flavor of it. It is my favorite dressing.

I was not allotted an evening snack in the plan but really wanted one
so I cut up an apple and had a TBSP of the peanutty dip. It was very
satisfying but I didn't feel like I blew my whole day on it. Not
having an evening snack is going to be the hardest thing for me. My
favorite time to eat is after 8pm.

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Forgot a pic

Was going to add this to my orig post. Looking extra gross cause this
is post workout.

Day 1

I've had my bfast, went to the gym, did my mobility & strength
exercises, but before any of that, I weighed myself. And the number
is... xxx lbs. Not as high as I thought it would be but still not
good, right. I'm feeling really good though.
I did a little over 3 miles on the treadmill today, was on for an hour.
And the good news... Instead of feeling week cause I admitted I weigh
nearly xxx, I feel empowered. I'm hoping this will keep me
motivated and accountable to anyone who may read this.
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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Zero minus seven hours...

Think I'm all set for my start date tomorrow. I decided to push it
back till Monday cause as I was reading the book it says you should
have a workout free day to rest and I decided I would rather rest on
Sundays and if I started on a Sunday that would have put the rest day
on a Saturday the way the plan is mapped out in the book.

So I purchased a new scale and told the boys they could not weigh
their toys and stuff so they don't run down the battery. And I ran to
the store and good the food items in the plan for the next few days. I
cleaned out the fridge and cut up veggies. I have a pot of chickpeas
soaking so I can cook them tomorrow and make hummus. I did not lay out
my workout clothes though, but T is off tomorrow so I can change after
my morning shift since he's gonna go to the gym with me. Gotta hit
the hay so I can try to get up early enough to have breakfast before I
go in for the morning shift.

I'm feeling really good about this. Looks like I might have a few
friends joining me on this journey too!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Am I crazy? I should do this.

So I'm sitting in front of the boys school, waiting to pick them up. I
ran to Kmart for some Christmas ornaments and too look for pj pants
and picked up The Biggest Looser 30-Day jumpstart. Sitting in the car
reading it. And I can't believe what just crossed my mind, what I'm
seriously considering.

I can't believe I may actually do this. Can I really do this? Am I
strong enough? I'm actually breaking down about to cry. WTF. Why is
this such a big deal. Why can't I do this. Can I really blog about my
weightloss? Can I put myself out there for anyone to see? It's no
secret that I'm fat. Why am I afraid to put that number out there.
That number that has climbed and climbed and is like a noose around my
neck, slowly choking the life out of me.

Sunday is the day. I should be over my sinus infection enough by then
to workout. Can I do it though? Can I come back here and post that
number. Post a photo. Put myself out there. I guess we'll have to wait
and see.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Snack Time!

This has been my snack almost everyday since school has started. 4
triscuits- either rosemary and olive oil or the sun dried tomato, 4
slices of cheese & 8 thin slices os apple. YUM. It's so good. Then I
eat the rest of the apple when done. Sometimes the apples are fuji's,
sometimes granny smiths. Sometimes the cheese is cheddar or swiss.
Today it is a pesto gouda I picked up at Aldi's. Add in a glass of
water and I'm satisfied till dinner. I eat in in the car while waiting
for the boys to get out of school.

I know though, really bad photo. I've given up trying to get a good
photo on my iPhone. Unless the lighting is perfect, i get blown out,
under-saturated and grainy photos. Sometimes I can fix all that in
photoshop. Sometimes, like today, I try to get the most out of focus
image I can just for fun.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Out with the warm

My bedroom looks like it has exploded lately... Sweaters, shorts, flip
flops, jeans... So I ran to the local mart and got a giant tub and
packed up all those quickly becoming out of season items and also a
few things that no longer fit, but I'm hoping when I get the tub back
out in the spring that some inches will have "thawed" off me. I
realize this is not really a big deal and is part of most normal
people's seasonal routines. It's not the norm for me though. In the
past I was a slob and just pushed everything to the corner of my room.
I've done a pretty good job of letting go of all those bad habits I
used to have and need to continue it.

All three items on top don't fit. The navy polo is from lands end and
I bought that when T and I were broke up, so around fall 1994. The
cream blouse I wore after I lost so much weight after I had P. It's
sheer and a bit more bohemian than I normally am, but I always felt
sexy in it. The berry sweater is something I have never worn but when
I purchased it I was hoping I would "shrink" into it.

Let's hope when spring comes they will make it back into my closet.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I'm rockin' a cold right now, either that or a sinus infection is
brewing. I really hope it's the former. Anyway, I thought I would take
a cue from my dad and go the alka-selzer cold treatment instead of a
pill or capsule. I've always avoided the stuff cause frankly fizzy
fake fruit flavored water is nasty. Slamming it down as quickly as
possible seems to help. I've also been taking Airborn which also a
fizzy water thing. At least I'm staying hydrated.

BTW... I just turned on a dvr'd show and there was a commercial or
something for Dr. Phil and he was talking about the oxycotyn express.
WTF... why would they make it sound like something Thomas the Train
might work on???

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New sock drying rack

I'm clearly not a daily blogger, but that's besides the point.

Anyway, check out my new sweet drying rack. I feel like such an old
lady. Not really, but until now I thought that only old ladies used
these things, mainly cause when I was young and worked at Kmart amd
Wmart only old ladies bought these things. I think it's genious though
and now will not have to employ multiple hangers for sock drying,
which are always inconvienently hung all over my bedroom when I washed
and dried socks. BTW, that is not every pair I own. I have a pair on
my feet and another pair clean that I can wear tomorrow. Sadly I have
one more pair that experienced an unfortunate felting incident.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ignore me, I'm just babbling

I'll admit... I got nothin'... at nothing that seems like a complete thought.  But before this escapes my brain... I have to get this out.

Dear Dr. Phil,

Please stop making your studio audience clap at the end of the show for like 5 minutes... it's uncomfortably long for the viewer and obviously too long for the audience.  You can actually see them mouthing things like "how much longer do we have to clap?" to each other.  Not to mention the glazed over look in their eyes.  Stop it now... it's embarrassing!

I'm planning a WWKIP day event w/ some of my friends for the STL area.  I've created a blog for our event, so go check it out if you are into that knitting sorta thing.

This will be another busy week.  Unless it rains tomorrow I will have to miss our performance for Church Women United.  We have both baseball and t-ball practice tomorrow, knit night on Wednesday, Soccer practice and our dress rehearsal on Thursday, Friday appears to be open at the moment the concerts on both Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.  

I also need to squeeze in painting our bedroom sometime this week.  I really want to paint it a warm, pale yellow and use dark plum accents throughout the room, but realize that will be impossible to match.  So I think I might go w/ green instead.  I keep on seeing that comercial that's on right now (I think it's for Home Depot, maybe Lowe's) w/ the couple that purchase green paint and then go home and paint a room while their kids are running around like maniacs until they walk into the room and are instantly calm and reading War and Peace and Sense and Sensibility.  As if that would really happen in my house!!!  I really want to paint before the bedroom furniture gets here though, which I think will be next week, but I can't afford to buy new bedding because I need to save for a plane ticket :D  So whatever I paint it, I will really need it to be more neutral so that it's not difficult to match once I can afford new bedding.  Why is it so hard to decide what color though??? T won't help at all.

I'm out for the night... hopefully I will get a repeat done on the yellow lace ribbon scarf before bed.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Living for this weekend

This has been a crazy busy week.  T worked all weekend and has worked late nearly every night this week... we've had t-ball practice, baseball practice, knit night, and soccer practice... I missed choir practice this week.  And we're all crabby.  I also found out that the Galleria won't let us have the Knit In Public Day event there.... which is so lame and frustrating. Today was a good day though... had lunch w/ Jackie @ Pi and then we hung out at Knitty Couture where I picked up the Spring Interweave Knits and a skein of Dream In Color Smooshy... sock yarn makes me so happy. 
Anyway, tomorrow we have absolutely nothing going on.  Take that back... I'm going w/ P on his field trip to the Botanical Gardens... I can't wait to go though... as long as my group is well behaved, it should be a fun day.
Saturday we have a soccer game and then Jackie and I should be hanging out together... we're going to some sheep shearing thing in the CWE and there was talk of cupcakes :D

A Veggie Tale

Last Friday I planted up a bunch of seeds, mostly vegetable and herbs, but also a few flowers. Sunday the arugula had sprouted. Here's a pic to prove it... ok, I guess it doesn't really prove it, you'll just have to trust me on this.

As of today, everything has sprouted except the parsley, the hollyhocks and maybe the cilantro... some things like the cucumbers, watermellon and eggplant just barely have sprouted, but I can tell something is going on and I poked around in the soil and can see roots. Look at all those cute baby plants... ignore my messy countertop. I've been filling the sink with hot water and setting the seed tray on top to keep them toasty warm.

I got a little carried away taking pics of the green beans, they just look so friggin' cool!

I also whipped up a little knitting mini project bag... it needs some tweaking... the next one will be perfect. I also have to admit that my sewing skills are, well, for a lack of a better way of saying it, piss-poor (guess I should thank my dad for that one... a favorite non-curse word of his that sounds like it should be.)

And blogger isn't letting me add any more photos for some dumb reason... so I guess that will have to wait till tomorrow

My happy thought for the day is my knitting group. I've meet some awesome women since I've started knitting and the gals I'm knitting with every week are so much fun. If you knit or crochet and have not heard about Ravelry then you really should go to right now and sign up... it's a little addictive, sorta like facebook but with yarn, but oh so worth it!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Top 5 on my DVR

I am such a slacker... but I'm making myself blog tonight anyway.  I had to run P to baseball practice at 5p and then have Q at t-ball practice at 530p.  We didn't all get home till 8pm, not including T.  He's been working like crazy lately trying to do the system upgrade at work.  I think I've seen him for a total of 5 hours in the past 3 days... probably less.  Anyway I have nothing for green living or being a looser today. Instead, for my happy thought of the day, here's a list of my top 5 favorite shows I DVR, in no particular order

1. The Young and the Restless
2. The Big Bang Therory and How I Met Your Mother (I'm lumping these together... and really, I only love HIMYM for NPH)
3. Avatar, The Last Airbender... I'm totally in love w/ this show, even if it is a cartoon
4. The Biggest Looser - Go Kristen, Go! She's my girl!!!
5. The Office - I record this on both Thursday nights for the new eps. and on TBS on Tuesday nights... I can watch the reruns over and over!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting warmer!!!

Isn't my niece adorable!!! These are just a few of the photos I took of her and her mommy the day before Easter.  I finally finished editing and sifting through them all... I took over 100 just of them.  I also took some of the MIL & FIL and of the little BIL and his family that day too.  Hopefully I'll finish editing those tomorrow and get a few of them posted soon too.

I have to brag about getting a free haircut today.  My friend Kimberly needed a hair model... she was trying to get a job at the Custom Cuts in E-ville...  Good news, she got the job and bonus, my hair looks great!

Living Greener and being a looser are combined today.  Ever since we moved the boys have wanted to walk home from school so I walked to school when it was time to pick them up and we all walked home together.  I don't think they will be asking to do it again anytime soon.  They thought it was waaay too long a walk... even though it only took us 15-20 minutes (mostly because they were so pokey, ok their legs are shorter than mine are too).  

I should also note that most of my seeds have germinated... including the hollyhocks which makes me so stinkin' excited!!!  I'll have some pics of my little sprouts for tomorrow!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Long time no blog.....

I know.. it's crazy how long it has been since I've been here.  So much has taken place too.  I'm setting a goal to try to blog daily from now on though... at least M-F and one mass post for Sat/Sun I think will do.  I was going to just aim for once a week, but there are a few things I've been wanting to try to track daily and keeping a journal would be the best way to do it.  I was going to just pick up a few notebooks, but then I remembered "hey, I have a blog!" and decided it just made more sense to do it here.  So what I'm thinking of doing is establishing a few topics and addressing them daily, or at least semi-daily.  

First off though... we have recently moved... it was sort of an downgrade/upgrade sort of thing. We made the difficult decision to move out of our house, which was very, very old and run down and moved into a duplex.  While this sounds like a step back, it really was the best move for us right now.  With the state of the economy, our credit and of the house it just made the most sense.  The house was literally falling down around us and we could not keep up with the repairs.  While we are back to renting, we are now living in a home that is only 30 years old instead of 100 and we have a maintenance man to do any repairs that are needed.  We didn't loose any square footage, if anything the space is better laid out so it feels like we have more room.  We also have a dishwasher, a huge yard for the boys to play in, an attached garage and the neighborhood is so much nicer... I feel safer and like I can worry less about the boys playing outside if I'm not out there too.  And in a few years when the economy and our credit are on an upswing we can look for a new home to purchase... hopefully in the same neighborhood.

There's been a lot of spending that has gone along with the move too... everything from a new ironing board to a new tv to new bedroom furniture.  We decided not to keep our home phone service when we moved and instead got iPhones, a decision I have not regretted for one second.  I love my iPhone... I don't want to ever live without it.  One of the things I love most about it are podcasts.... I really didn't care about them before, but now I don't want to go through a day without one.  I'm currently trying to make my way through all the archived Stitch It!!'s .  I take her with me everywhere... while I clean the bathroom, do yard work, grocery shop... chores are so much easier w/ a friend to listen too.

Back to the spending though.  We bought bedroom furniture Friday.  This will be the first time I have ever had matching furniture... I don't think it will be here for another 3 weeks though.  But that gives me time to paint our bedroom before it gets here... so I'm sure I will be babbling about that for the next few days... have to pick out a color.  I'm thinking either a pale, warm yellow or maybe a pale plum.

Living a little more green

This is gonna be one of my regular daily trackings.... I like it cause it encompasses a few different things, but they all relate so well with each other.

#1 is tt I planted a bunch of seeds on Friday to start my own vegetable garden.  I have 2 different kinds of green beans, eggplant, zucchini, arugula, cucumbers, some herbs and I added in a few flowers to fill up my seed tray. I'm so excited though.. I planted them Friday and today, 2 days latter, I can see that they have started to germinate :D 

#2 is trying to save money.  Hopefully the veggie garden will help out a lot with this.  I have several things I'm trying to save for.  I might be going to France w/ T in June, then there's the family trip to FL in July.  I also want a new laptop and we spent more on bedroom furniture than we planned so there's not much left for a laptop.  And then longterm, for a down payment for new car and ultimately, for a new house.

#3 is just trying to be more green... again, the garden will help with this.  I've also been playing with making my own household cleaners and I'm really liking them so far.  T hates when I clean with vinegar though... he doesn't like the smell.  

I'm a loser

At least I hope to be one.  This is the other thing I want to track.... my never ending quest to lose weight.  I'm trying to eat better, we just got a Wii Fit (which I love) and I'm trying to get my fat arse back to the gym.  I hope to have more to say about this soon.  Oh, I can say though, that according to the Wii Fit, my weight has dropped 15 lbs since October when last went to the OBGYN and they weighed me.  Since they are not the same scale though, who knows for sure???

My Happy Thought

I have 3 happy thoughts for today... I thought I deserved them since I haven't posted in so long. First is just some fabrics I bought yesterday at HL to make up some knitting bags for myself and hopefully my friends.  
Next, is my iPhone sock I knitted out of some leftover STR, colorway Hot Flash
Lastly, my new coffeemaker... 6 cup capacity (instead of the 12 like it's big sister) auto-timer so I can wake up to fresh, hot coffee already made for me and I can fill my mug with one hand.  I've wanted to 12 cup model, but that's really just overkill... since I'm the only coffee drinker in the house.  I found out Friday that they recently came out with the 6 cup model and I bought it on Saturday.
I'm gonna be switching to either Vox or WP sometime soon... I hate how blogger does not respect my paragraph spacing.