Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting warmer!!!

Isn't my niece adorable!!! These are just a few of the photos I took of her and her mommy the day before Easter.  I finally finished editing and sifting through them all... I took over 100 just of them.  I also took some of the MIL & FIL and of the little BIL and his family that day too.  Hopefully I'll finish editing those tomorrow and get a few of them posted soon too.

I have to brag about getting a free haircut today.  My friend Kimberly needed a hair model... she was trying to get a job at the Custom Cuts in E-ville...  Good news, she got the job and bonus, my hair looks great!

Living Greener and being a looser are combined today.  Ever since we moved the boys have wanted to walk home from school so I walked to school when it was time to pick them up and we all walked home together.  I don't think they will be asking to do it again anytime soon.  They thought it was waaay too long a walk... even though it only took us 15-20 minutes (mostly because they were so pokey, ok their legs are shorter than mine are too).  

I should also note that most of my seeds have germinated... including the hollyhocks which makes me so stinkin' excited!!!  I'll have some pics of my little sprouts for tomorrow!

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