Monday, April 27, 2009

Ignore me, I'm just babbling

I'll admit... I got nothin'... at nothing that seems like a complete thought.  But before this escapes my brain... I have to get this out.

Dear Dr. Phil,

Please stop making your studio audience clap at the end of the show for like 5 minutes... it's uncomfortably long for the viewer and obviously too long for the audience.  You can actually see them mouthing things like "how much longer do we have to clap?" to each other.  Not to mention the glazed over look in their eyes.  Stop it now... it's embarrassing!

I'm planning a WWKIP day event w/ some of my friends for the STL area.  I've created a blog for our event, so go check it out if you are into that knitting sorta thing.

This will be another busy week.  Unless it rains tomorrow I will have to miss our performance for Church Women United.  We have both baseball and t-ball practice tomorrow, knit night on Wednesday, Soccer practice and our dress rehearsal on Thursday, Friday appears to be open at the moment the concerts on both Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.  

I also need to squeeze in painting our bedroom sometime this week.  I really want to paint it a warm, pale yellow and use dark plum accents throughout the room, but realize that will be impossible to match.  So I think I might go w/ green instead.  I keep on seeing that comercial that's on right now (I think it's for Home Depot, maybe Lowe's) w/ the couple that purchase green paint and then go home and paint a room while their kids are running around like maniacs until they walk into the room and are instantly calm and reading War and Peace and Sense and Sensibility.  As if that would really happen in my house!!!  I really want to paint before the bedroom furniture gets here though, which I think will be next week, but I can't afford to buy new bedding because I need to save for a plane ticket :D  So whatever I paint it, I will really need it to be more neutral so that it's not difficult to match once I can afford new bedding.  Why is it so hard to decide what color though??? T won't help at all.

I'm out for the night... hopefully I will get a repeat done on the yellow lace ribbon scarf before bed.

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