Thursday, October 15, 2009


I'm rockin' a cold right now, either that or a sinus infection is
brewing. I really hope it's the former. Anyway, I thought I would take
a cue from my dad and go the alka-selzer cold treatment instead of a
pill or capsule. I've always avoided the stuff cause frankly fizzy
fake fruit flavored water is nasty. Slamming it down as quickly as
possible seems to help. I've also been taking Airborn which also a
fizzy water thing. At least I'm staying hydrated.

BTW... I just turned on a dvr'd show and there was a commercial or
something for Dr. Phil and he was talking about the oxycotyn express.
WTF... why would they make it sound like something Thomas the Train
might work on???

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Jackie said...

Yay you for blogging!!! I hope you feel better. And thanks again for all your super awesome help these days!