Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Out with the warm

My bedroom looks like it has exploded lately... Sweaters, shorts, flip
flops, jeans... So I ran to the local mart and got a giant tub and
packed up all those quickly becoming out of season items and also a
few things that no longer fit, but I'm hoping when I get the tub back
out in the spring that some inches will have "thawed" off me. I
realize this is not really a big deal and is part of most normal
people's seasonal routines. It's not the norm for me though. In the
past I was a slob and just pushed everything to the corner of my room.
I've done a pretty good job of letting go of all those bad habits I
used to have and need to continue it.

All three items on top don't fit. The navy polo is from lands end and
I bought that when T and I were broke up, so around fall 1994. The
cream blouse I wore after I lost so much weight after I had P. It's
sheer and a bit more bohemian than I normally am, but I always felt
sexy in it. The berry sweater is something I have never worn but when
I purchased it I was hoping I would "shrink" into it.

Let's hope when spring comes they will make it back into my closet.

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