Monday, November 16, 2009

Snack Time!

This has been my snack almost everyday since school has started. 4
triscuits- either rosemary and olive oil or the sun dried tomato, 4
slices of cheese & 8 thin slices os apple. YUM. It's so good. Then I
eat the rest of the apple when done. Sometimes the apples are fuji's,
sometimes granny smiths. Sometimes the cheese is cheddar or swiss.
Today it is a pesto gouda I picked up at Aldi's. Add in a glass of
water and I'm satisfied till dinner. I eat in in the car while waiting
for the boys to get out of school.

I know though, really bad photo. I've given up trying to get a good
photo on my iPhone. Unless the lighting is perfect, i get blown out,
under-saturated and grainy photos. Sometimes I can fix all that in
photoshop. Sometimes, like today, I try to get the most out of focus
image I can just for fun.

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