Monday, December 07, 2009

Day one done!

Today went pretty well. I didn't feel like I had much free time to
myself though. After my workout I showered got dressed grabbed a snack
and went back to work for my lunch shift. Came home had lunch, made
the humus and peanutty dip recipes in the book sat and knitted for a
short while and then it was back to school to get the boys. Came home,
cleaned the kitchen and got ready for my work Christmas party.

So dinner was at the party. Fortunately it was at a local restaurant
and since everyone paid for their own meal, I was able to order
whatever I wanted. I got the salmon and subbed the potato for steamed
broccoli. I squeezed some lemon juice over the broc... Yum. It was
really good. The dinner also came with soup and a salad so I got the
tortollini soup which was the only brothy soup and on the salad I got
the house dressing, but used as little of it as possible so I still
got the flavor of it. It is my favorite dressing.

I was not allotted an evening snack in the plan but really wanted one
so I cut up an apple and had a TBSP of the peanutty dip. It was very
satisfying but I didn't feel like I blew my whole day on it. Not
having an evening snack is going to be the hardest thing for me. My
favorite time to eat is after 8pm.

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