Sunday, December 06, 2009

Zero minus seven hours...

Think I'm all set for my start date tomorrow. I decided to push it
back till Monday cause as I was reading the book it says you should
have a workout free day to rest and I decided I would rather rest on
Sundays and if I started on a Sunday that would have put the rest day
on a Saturday the way the plan is mapped out in the book.

So I purchased a new scale and told the boys they could not weigh
their toys and stuff so they don't run down the battery. And I ran to
the store and good the food items in the plan for the next few days. I
cleaned out the fridge and cut up veggies. I have a pot of chickpeas
soaking so I can cook them tomorrow and make hummus. I did not lay out
my workout clothes though, but T is off tomorrow so I can change after
my morning shift since he's gonna go to the gym with me. Gotta hit
the hay so I can try to get up early enough to have breakfast before I
go in for the morning shift.

I'm feeling really good about this. Looks like I might have a few
friends joining me on this journey too!

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