Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bad week

I really, REALLY slacked off last week, at least for the last half. Thursday the boys went to the movies with the children church group to see the Chipmunks. T took me out to dinner. I had a big fat juicy burger... was the best burger ever, prolly because it has been foreve since I've had red meat. Friday was another inclement weather day so the boys and I went shopping with my mom and dad at the Mills. We had a great time at Cabela's, had a little lunch, bought me a few things and bought the boys new coats. We got Vin Hoa for dinner and just was way too heavy and not enough veg. Sat was lunch with Shilo & Jackie and it included another burger, fries and finished it off with chocolate nachos. That evening we hung out at my sis' and had some bbq and again, very little veg. Woke up today with a serious food hangover from the damage done over the past 3 days. And to make things worse, I think I was dehydrated all 3 days and it really got the best off me. I noticed yesterday I was actually affecting my speach.

It was good to slow down today, suck down a bunch of h2o and OD on some veggies. Back on track tomorrow and back to the gym with myself. Really dreading the weigh-in tomorrow AM.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Day 30, and a little yarn

So, my weight loss for the week is 4lbs. My total for the 30 days is
11.4. My current weight is xxx lbs. I slacked
off a lot. Well, more than I wish I had. I mean 4 lbs this week is
good but what if I had gone to the gym just once. Or if I hadn't
decided to eat a whole sleeve of thin mints, it did take me over a
week to eat them though, but still. If I had made the right choices
more consistantly, what could I have lost? So I'm happy with what
I've accomplished but striving to do better rather than beating myself
I have realized I really need to work on eating breakfast at a more
rational hour, not say 10am like I'm used to. I also need to break the
evening snacking habit. I've said it at least once, but my favorite
time to eat is after dark. I could go all day without a bite, but then
be a pig after 6pm. It's gotten better. I'm making myself eat even if
I'm not hungry. And instead of the cookies or brownies I'll have a
small piece of dark chocolate and some fruit.
I haven't talked about yarn in a while. I made up these cute little
slipper socks. The striping on the heel was a fail, but they are still
pretty cute and warm and toasty. I think I need a handspun pair too.
They need some puff paint on the soles so I stop doing the splits when
I walk in to the kitchen. The little flecks are cause the purple yarn
was tweedy but I guess tweed doesn't felt well?? I'll try to post some pics tomorrow.