Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Day 30, and a little yarn

So, my weight loss for the week is 4lbs. My total for the 30 days is
11.4. My current weight is xxx lbs. I slacked
off a lot. Well, more than I wish I had. I mean 4 lbs this week is
good but what if I had gone to the gym just once. Or if I hadn't
decided to eat a whole sleeve of thin mints, it did take me over a
week to eat them though, but still. If I had made the right choices
more consistantly, what could I have lost? So I'm happy with what
I've accomplished but striving to do better rather than beating myself
I have realized I really need to work on eating breakfast at a more
rational hour, not say 10am like I'm used to. I also need to break the
evening snacking habit. I've said it at least once, but my favorite
time to eat is after dark. I could go all day without a bite, but then
be a pig after 6pm. It's gotten better. I'm making myself eat even if
I'm not hungry. And instead of the cookies or brownies I'll have a
small piece of dark chocolate and some fruit.
I haven't talked about yarn in a while. I made up these cute little
slipper socks. The striping on the heel was a fail, but they are still
pretty cute and warm and toasty. I think I need a handspun pair too.
They need some puff paint on the soles so I stop doing the splits when
I walk in to the kitchen. The little flecks are cause the purple yarn
was tweedy but I guess tweed doesn't felt well?? I'll try to post some pics tomorrow.

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Karen said...

Celebrate your success! 11 pounds is major. That 4 pound loss this week will inspire you to keep the program going. A little tip that might discourage evening snacking is to brush & floss & maybe apply the whitening strips--anything to make you want to keep from "contaminating" those pearly whites.
If all else fails, suck on a nasty menthol cough drop---nothing tastes good after one of those things!