Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Quilting I Will Go

Shortly before I got my new laptop(aka Doris) I started looking for a cute but functional bag for her. I quickly realized though that there are very few stylish bags for girls with a big booty (17" monitor). So I decided to make one myself. After many a trip to various fabric stores I still do not have a bag for Doris, nor have a I purchased fabric to make said bag. However, I have purchased fabric for and made 2 skirts as well as many a fat quarter. Fat quarters are deadly addictive, just as much so as scrapbook paper... actually worse than scrapbook paper. Somewhere in this mix I decided to make a quilt.

I'm blaming it on the fat quarters.

The paisley print was the jumping off point. I found 9 other prints to match, mostly, and started digging online for a pattern. I quickly fell in love with the disappearing 9 patch. I spent 2-3 hours Friday night cutting my fabric into 15x5 strips and about an hour Saturday matching them into groups of three, but so that no one print was paired up with another print more than once. Started sewing the strips together yesterday and finished it off today. So I've managed to finish the first phase this weekend, which is sewing each threesome of 15x5 strips together and cutting them into strips so it looks like I spent way more time piecing each individually. I'm anxious to start sewing those strips together for my 9-patches, and then more cutting fun can begin!
Oh, in my previous post I accidentally included 2 of the same photo, I will include the one I intended to attach. In case anyone is wondering, yes, all this spinning and sewing means I have not been knitting.

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