Wednesday, April 28, 2010

with a block block here...

Photo 1:   twelve 9-patch blocks
Photo 2:   and now there are 48 scrappy blocks.
Photos 3 & 4:   3 - 5 block strips

Lot's of sewing going on.  I've managed to piece all the blocked strips together, re-cut them and I'm now in the process of sewing them into the strips that will actually form the quilt.  Looks like it will definitely be a lap quilt, which is what I was aiming for, though for a brief while I thought it would be large enough for my queen sized bed thanks to a math error. (Stoopid maths!)  I had twelve 9-patch blocks before the last round of cutting, all of which were cut in 4ths so now there are are 48 blocks.  I'm sewing those into strips of 5 blocks and thinking I will do 7 rows of 5 with a thick border to finish it off, but torn if I should just go with a 6x8 format since there are certainly enough to do so.  The 5 block strips are measuring around 33".  If I go w/ the 5x7 format I can add a strip of blocks to embellish the back of the quilt and will still have leftovers to make a pillow or mini wall quilt or something.

I've also been throwing around the idea of making some new curtains for the kitchen for about a week or so.  My original plan was just to buy some pretty fabric, seam it and hang it.  Now I'm thinking something pieced though.  I've been scouring the internet for inspiration and these are my favorites right now. I think I may go w/ the Make Life line since I bought a charm pack last week.

I'm also digging the idea of a solid strip like this but at the bottom or top instead and with some cut pom-pom trim.

Can you tell I just discovered Piece N Quilt today?  I was invited to a baby shower today and happen to have a large remnant of girly flannel so plan to make a few receiving blankets.

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