Monday, August 16, 2010

shrimp and curry, nom nom nom

T had a dinner meeting tonight so I FINALLY made my very first recipe from the Everyday Food cookbook I bought ages ago.  It was the pan-fried shrimp with green curry cashew sauce.  Oh, was it yummy.  I'm gonna have to remember to do stuff like this when he won't be home for dinner instead of eating mac and cheese and chicken nuggets like the boys.  T hates shrimp and I love it but never get to have it.  The curry sauce was even good on the boys leftover chicken nuggets (I had to taste test it, T would love this sauce too.)  I also made the sesame carrot salad that was a on the same page as a serving suggestion.  It was ok.  I think my carrots were not sweet enough.  It needed some sweetness to balance out the ginger and the acid.  Otherwise, a very satisfying dinner. I wish I had a photo to include but all that is left is a ramekin w/ a bit of green sauce stuck to the bottom of it.

I'm having the cod w/ leeks and tomatoes recipe that is on the previous page for lunch tomorrow. Can't wait.  

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