Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Viva Tomatoes!

Thar be tomatoes. Lots and lots of them. I picked a whole colander full today, in addition to the colander full I already had. I'm gonna have to break down and give some away I guess. I really do like to horde them though. Everything else in the garden though seems to be giving up. The cilantro and zuke died and the cuke is barely hanging on. No poblanos, a few new jalapeƱos and the basil is no longer growing a foot a week. Hopefully we'll get some green beans in soon.

Back to the tomatoes though. Today I made Cod with tomatoes and leeks from Everyday Food for my lunch. It was very good. I loved that the leeks were slightly caramelized. I may have used a bit too much lemon though. I even remembered to take a photo:

I know, washed out photo. I hate the camera on my iPhone but it's so convenient. I am getting an iPhone4 hopefully before the end of the month though. I should just stop being lazy and get out the Nikon. Tomorrow another Everday Food recipe, turkey burgers. Friday it's grilled tomato pasta, again from Everyday Food. Should help plow through some of those romas.

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