Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First Quilt

Again, I've been neglecting you blog... so sorry.  

I've taken some quilting classes in the past few weeks with Shilo.  They were a lot of fun but it REALLY makes me wish I had a nicer machine to work with.  I can say that the $1500 Babylock we used in class really was not much better than the $150 Brother hand-me-down machine from my mom.  It did have a lot more bells and whistles, but sewing wish it was just meh and I'm not really looking for bells and whistles.  I'm being steered more towards the direction of a Bernina now or maybe even a Janome.  

So back to the classes.  First was the hand quilting class.  I am surprised by how much I enjoy hand quilting, it's slow but still very enjoyable.  I can see from my speed though that I will want to become a better sewer (or maybe I need a new machine?) so that I can just machine quilt most of my quilts.  Still, it's a good skill to have and I can see myself hand quilting pieces that are more decorative and then machine quilting the rest of a piece. I've already plans for my Christmas quilt to do both.  

These photos are from the beginning quilting class.  It was a two day class, 4 hours each on consecutive Sundays.  I learned so much during both this and the hand quilting class.  I also realized while shopping for my fabrics (I LOVE the fabrics I chose) for the beginning class that I do not like quilts styled like the one we did in class.  This will probably be my one and only quilt I ever make with boring little blocks.  I have a burning need for scrappiness... I never realized how deep it was until now. I'm anxious to get started on my next few projects and have fun.  If I ever finish sewing on the binding for this first quilt.. it's been two days and I'm nearly half way done.

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