Thursday, March 31, 2011

Harry Monsters... grrrr!

The beginning of the month we made Harry Monsters at cub scouts.  Growing up, this was always one of my favorite crafts my mom did with us.  We actually did it at VBS and I looked forward to it each year.  Having a mom who is the VBS craft coordinator rocks btw.

Harry Monsters all in a row
It was really fun to see all of the boys individual personalities come out in their monster's faces.  We had several with Angry Bird mustaches and a few holding "Go Blues" signs.  I'm still a little surprised how much fun the boys had.

To make a harry monster of your very own all you need are some small plastic cups.  I always think of these as fruit salad or punch cups.  I think they work best for a proportional face size.  And I like that they are clear.  Decorate to your hearts content with pipe cleaners, googly eyes, pom pons... whatever.  Add some potting soil, lots of grass seed, water regularly and watch it grow!

Quinn's cyclops (left) and my Angry Birds Pig inspired stached monster.
After a few weeks your moster will start to look like a punk rocker and will need a haircut.

I thought of putting a bow in my monster's hair, but it has a mustache and gender confusion is not exactly what I'm going for here.

Faux-hawks really are dumb.  2nd dumbest haircut ever.
Still punk rock, don't you think!

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