Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm trying not to dwell on all the events of today, but it has really been complete crap.  Most disappointing is that I'm gonna have to stop running for a while.  The shin splints have gotten to be too much, I had little relief with the compression sleeve so it's on to ice and rest.  I do love the compression sleeve though.  The pressure feels almost like a little massage and seems to offer extra support.  Race day is about 4 weeks away so hopefully it heels by then.  Sadly though I probably will have to walk most of the race since the rest will set back my training.  I'm still not the strongest runner.

I'm hoping if I try to list some of the positives I have going on right now then maybe I can pull this week out of the crapper.

I've lost a total of 25 lbs since I began my weight loss journey.  25 lbs may not seem like a lot for nearly a year and a half attempt, but it's still 25 lbs and I'm going to celebrate it.  I'm beginning to see a physical transformation in myself as well.  Moving out of the plus sized department, my face looks thiner and I feel thiner and my wedding ring fits again.

Only 31 more days left in this school year.

We are going to look at a house on Wednesday (fingers crossed that it all goes well).

I seem to be back on track with eating healthfully, it's been a struggle lately.

I found a LYS that carries reinforcing yarn so I can finally finish a few of the socks I've had laying around.

I bought a cute new dress for some of the events we have going on this spring which means I need to go shoe shopping.

That's helping already.  Now I get to go to bed which makes me really happy.


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