Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mama needs a new sewing machine...

I've been doing some quilting lately, which makes me really happy... just piecing actually because of the two machines I have, neither can manage to machine quilt.  One machine is actually from my high school's sewing program.  When they discontinued the program they sold all of the machines, I think they were $10 (sergers were $25).  It sat and sat in my craft room for years then last spring when I decided to start sewing I dug it out and used it till decided not to work.  That really only lasted about 4 months.  I was lucky enough that my mom had fairly new, yet inexpesive, Brother machine that she no longer wanted because she just bought herself a fancy-schmancy machine that does it all.  It sews just fine but when I try to quilt with it, the top layer of fabric bunches up or drags along or whatever it is that it does.  Anyways, I get annoying little "pleats" that really should not be there.  Thus the desire for a new machine.  But until I can rationalize the $10k price tag on the Bernina of my dreams, I purchased a walking foot for my machine from Amazon.  

So here are a few of the things I have been working on.  First is the red white and blue wonky star wall hanging.  I intended on alternating blue and red on every point but sewed the last block in the wrong order.  I'm happy enough with it not to tear it out.  Obviously, it will be my 4th of July quilt, but what I really want is a Captain America shield to decorate for the 4th with.  Maybe I'll make a wall hanging inspired by the shield. 

This is my Halloween quilt.  I've jacked up the pattern so had to improvise (see a recurring theme with my sewing skills???)  It is loosely inspired by this quilt.

I think the tiny bit of sewing I've been doing was spurred on by the even tinier bit of organizing I've done.  I started converting this: 

to this:

I found this cube shelf thingy in the garage. It was originally in the boys room and never made it up there when we moved.  I'm not sure if we even have the fabric cubes that go with it anymore.  It's likely just temporary because my ultimate goal is to have fabric farther from the floor than this would allow or behind cabinet doors to avoid dog hair and dust.  I am liking that each fabric is visible when stacked this way, rather than folded in tubs like I had before.  The tubs make seeing what you have more difficult and you've seen the end result of that.  Sadly, I don't think this cubical thing will hold all of my fabric.

I'm anxious to finish up both of these quilts so I can move on to a throw for the couch.  Maybe the Japanese + and x quilt along???   The boys were fighting over the tiny little quilt I made in my learn to class today so that has encouraged me to make another 2 or 3, I think we all need a lap quilt, right?  Anyway, the walking foot should arrive Wednesday... yay!

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