Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Cat's Away... AKA Home Refurb

The Hub's on another business trip.  Actually, it's been like a year since he has gone anywhere so I can't complain.  My original plan was to clean the crap out of the house while he was gone.  Less than two hours after we dropped him off at the airport I had purchased the steam cleaner of my dreams and made up a plan of attack to complete a room a day.  Yesterday was the kitchen so no need for the new carpet steamer.  All was going well until I moved the kitchen chairs into the living room so I could mop.  Before moving them back some sandpaper found it's way into my hand and before I knew it I had sanded a whole chair (what, before I knew it??? It took me more than 3 hours).  I woke up sore this morning but committed.  I have to finish these chairs before he gets home.  I even remembered to take a before photo...

(do I really have that much crap on my fridge?)

I have to finish them before he gets home because when I've mentioned the desire to paint them in the past he has looked at me like I'm crazy.  Maybe it's my lack of finishing projects or maybe it's that he doesn't think there is anything wrong with them.  Who knows.  Here's my half of the argument:

I've abused this one by using it as a step stool too often.

His half of the argument... well maybe this quarter finished chair... or this half finished chair... or the lack of curtains in our kitchen... the ones I started in the spring but still have yet to finish.  He complains about not being able to walk in the kitchen in his underwear and it is an issue since we share a back yard with another family.

He'll be home in 3 days.. fingers crossed!

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