Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Goodbye old friend

Hanging out at Grandma's pool is one of our favorite summertime activites.  We get to see grandma and grandpa, cool off a bit, have some good family quality time and often get a free meal too.  Those days are over though.  During our swim yesterday afternoon this happened...

Yes, we were actually in the pool when it happened.  First, the top railing made a popping sound.  The side had started to fall and water was gushing out.  As it gushed it it tore the already weakened side of the pool and within 3 minutes all that was left in the pool was about 4 inches of water.  
There's the sad boys standing next to the dreaded gash...

Patrick enjoying the last few inches of water

Quinn doing the same

There is some serious pouting going on here.  Quinn was actually stomping around and Patrick was holding back the tears.  It did not help that Grandma was bawling her eyes out (Grandpa was celebrating, he's tired of maintaining it).  They have said the past few years that when something major goes wrong that it would be gone.  This is pretty major.

The pool is about 16 years old.  I remember when Tim and I were dating, just a few months before we were engaged,  helping out getting it up and going.  We've had so many good times and wonderful memories in that pool.  It has hosted sixteen 4th of July parties. Both my boys, my 4 nieces and 1 nephew all learned to swim in that pool.  I can't even count how many impromptu family get togethers have resulted because of the pool.  If it is hot, Tim's brother's and sister and their families would all just show up.  So many wonderful memories.

It's hot out too.  Makes me want to buy that disgusting house down the street that has been on the market for at least 6 months.  It has an in-ground pool.  

On a side note, check out what I did today... no it's not crafty.

I was in the garage reaching for the orbital sander and there was a vase in the way.  Instead of moving the vase, I tried to reach around it and knocked it over.  It bounce off of my shin before it hit the ground and broke.  I called the Dr's office asking how should I know if I need stitches... yes I'm that stupid.  I guess if you can look into your wound then you need stitches.  The glass did not break when it hit my leg, it was just the weight of the vase itself that made the gashes.  The vase did have some sculpted edges so maybe that is why the cuts are so deep.  

My doctor steri-stripped the gash up.  He did give me the choice between that or stitches.  I told him whatever he though would heal better.  I wasn't so concerned about having a scar as having a permanent dent in my leg. He thought this would be better, I just have to try to keep them on for 7-10 days which means trying not to get them wet.  He also mentioned something about having to possibly trim the skin around it if he did stitches because it had curled under into the gash.  Sorry if that is grossing anyone out.  That did not sound like fun to me.  I'm really glad I did it during his office hours so I did not have to go to the emergency room.  

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