Sunday, July 17, 2011

If It Makes Me Happy!

Sorry for the cheesy blog title.. ok, all my blog titles are cheesy.  T and I went to see Kid Rock with Sheryl Crow last night with a few friends.  We had a great time which has brought me to a few conclusions:

  1. We should go see Kid Rock next time he is in concert again.
  2. We should go to more concerts.  Live music is the best.
  3. We need to hang out with the couple we went with more often.  Last night was our second official "date" with them.  
A few of the things that are making me happy lately are:

Almond Butter with apples.  I tried not to focus in too much on the almond butter because it's appearance is questionable, but trust me, it's some yummy stuff.

Quilting and sewing.  Really though, it's all about the quilting right now.  It is actually really surprising to me because as much as I enjoy quilts I've had no desire to make one because of the handquilting.  Then I discovered that you could actually machine quilt them and the heavens parted and birds were singing.  Ok, not really.  I love that I can make something beautiful and functional for our home.

And lastly:

Knitting this sock.  I've sorta lost my knitting mojo lately but the Trekking/Jaywalker-yarn/pattern combo has pulled me out of my funk.  My only real issue with it is that it is 92 stitches.  Yikes.  I cast on 80, knit 2x2 ribbing and then increased up to 92 (*knit 6, inc, knit 7, inc, knit 7 inc* repeat)  I also had to cast it on 4 times before I finally got the fit right.  Watching the colors change is quite addictive.

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